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Music Aficionado is a site created by and for people who love music. So it's important to us that the rights and interests of everybody involved in the music ecosystem are protected, from the people who create the music to those who enjoy it. The documents at the bottom of this page give all the legal detail in glorious legalese. Here's the big picture in simple English:

Appropriate behavior

If you are a registered member of Music Aficionado, we allow you to post comments and recommendations and suggest links to interesting music-related content from around the web. There's no way that we can police every single piece of content our members suggest. So we rely on you and the rest of the community to behave appropriately and to notify us if you see anything amiss.

In particular, we expect you to be respectful of others' rights and feelings. Don't post porn or spam. Don't suggest a link or an image that violates the copyrights or privacy of another person. And please don't be a jerk to another member, artist, or any other sentient being. Remember what seems like a work of musical genius to you may seem like noise to another member... and vice-versa.

Remember what seems like a work of musical genius to you may seem like noise to another member... and vice-versa.

If you ever see anything on our site that is offensive, inappropriate or simply incorrect, please notify us immediately. You'll be doing us and the rest of the music community a favor. Use the "report issue" menu to send us a message from within the site or simply send us an email at support@musicaficionado.com. We'll do our best to correct the error or remove the offending material (and/or member) if appropriate.

We respect your rights

If you're a musician, writer, photographer or other copyright holder who sees your own material used on our site in an inappropriate fashion, please email us at artistrelations@musicaficionado.com before calling your lawyer. We promise to bend over backwards to make you happy and whole. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We want you to know that we respect your privacy and the sanctity of your email inbox. If you don't want to receive any emails from us, you can unsubscribe at any time. We won't sell or distribute your email address or other private personal information without your permission. And we'll do our best to protect the security of your account.

Your privacy

We take the privacy of your data and personal information very seriously. So we want you to understand how we collect and use your personal information and how your personal information may be shared with others.

information we collect

We collect your personal information when you first sign up for a membership account with Music Aficionado. You must provide us with a username and your email address. And you may also, optionally, provide us with your first and last name, occupation, town in which you live, favorite genres and artists, profile picture and other personal information. As you use our site, you may create playlists, write reviews and recommendations, and leave comments or messages.

We consider your email address to be Private Information. All other information you provide, including any playlists or recommendations you create, is public and may be vieweable by any visitor to our site, by 3rd party sites and by search engines that crawl our site. Please do not provide any personal details or comments you do not want shared with the world at large.

We also collect information about the songs you play as well as what you click on and "like" on our site and apps both through our own proprietary software as well as third-party services such as Google Analytics and Facebook. We use this information to help personalize our site and emails to better suit your musical tastes. In addition, Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit this site, what pages they visit when they do so, and what other sites they used prior to coming to this site. We also use Facebook "Pixels" to track the actions of user who come to us from Facebook. And we use all this information, in aggregated form, to improve the quality of our site and services and to evaluate how good a job we are doing.

Napster Inc. provides the music files for our streaming service and tracks the songs you play for royalty and payment purposes. Napster shares this track play information with the music labels and other IP holders on an aggregated basis.

We may also share the aggregated, statistical information about our users' preferences and behavior with 3rd parties that we work with, such as artists, artist managers, labels, and other businesses and services.

Finally, we use "cookies" to record small bits of information such as your username and password so that you don't need to log in manually everytime you return. In addition, 3rd party services such as Google Analytics and Facebook may store cookies to track your behavior over multiple visits. If you do not want cookies to be stored or to track your behavior, you are welcome to use our site in "private" or "incognito" mode or to block cookies altogether (see these instructions from the Federal government for opting out of cookies).

How we protect your private information

We will do our best to keep your Private Information secure and private. We use industry standard security and encryption procedures designed to protect your Private Information against unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration or misuse. We also make sure that your Private Information is only accessible to a limited number of personnel who need access to the information to perform their duties.

But to be honest, we cannot guarantee that your Private Information is 100% secure. Like every other business or government, we may be "hacked" one day. All we can promise is that we will do our best to prevent such a breach and that if we discover that any of your Private Information has been revealed or stolen, we will notify you promptly.

Payment and credit card information

We use Stripe to store, manage and process our users' credit card payments. We do not directly store or have access to your credit card information. If you sign up for a paying subscription or purchase something through our site, we keep id "keys" that allow us to keep track of your subscription and payments on Stripe. Stripe stores and uses your actual credit card information, including your zip code, CVC number, email address and other personal details you provide. Please see Stripe's privacy policy for details.

Opting out of emails and deleting your account

If you no longer want to receive recommendation emails from us, you may opt-out via the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of all emails, by updating your email preferences in the Account section of Your Profile or by clicking on this link: unsubscribe now.

If you are ever dissatisfied with our service or want us to delete your account, please contact us at support@musicaficionado.com and we will delete your account and all personal data we store promptly. However, please understand that your past actions on our site, including what you have clicked on and liked, may be part of our aggregate data and cannot be individually deleted.

If you would like to cancel a paying subscription, you may do so in the Account section of Your Profile. Or contact us directly at support@musicaficionado.com .

How we make money

Finally, we admit that we're building this site not just because we love music but also because we want to run a successful business. We may make money in a number of different ways: 1) through payments made by our members for subscriptions to our services; 2) by creating stories and other kinds of content sponsored by brands who want to speak to music aficionados; 3) by displaying advertising banners paid for by our sponsors, 4) by selling our own merchandise (e.g., T-shirts) and 5) by earning an "affiliate" commission on the sale of products by other companies we link to from our site. We may earn a commission when you click on and/or buy products sold by these companies.

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions?

If you ever have any issues, questions, complaints or brilliant suggestions, just email us, anytime: support@musicaficionado.com. And we'll try to make things better.

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